Jingdong Cuanhuo channel, Gome and Suning push behind the strongest network to promote

channel price management system is the old topic of the retail industry, but the rise of the new format, there is still no new dispute.

recently, the Jingdong is Suning and Gome mall blocked the news caused widespread concern by falsifying or. Behind this change reflects the channels of home appliance industry.

Cuanhuo behind the channel conflict

Jingdong is a famous channel spoiler. Over the past few years, the B2C company to purchase channels "tricky", "fierce" price is known. And now, Jingdong and stir waves in the field of home appliances.

insiders pointed out that the Jingdong to Cuanhuo together is not new, early Jingdong "online Cuanhuo center".

Cuanhuo, usually refers to the cross regional supply. This approach will break the price management system in various regions of the manufacturers. But in the case of Jingdong, Cuanhuo has two layers of meaning. The first layer is no difference in B2C site for the national price, makes the brand channel of price management system in all parts of the disrupted; the other is the online mall some low margin, zero or even negative gross profit margin commodities are small dealers in some places get there, "two group" phenomenon, which is more close to the the traditional "Cuanhuo" concept.

, the latter is obviously greater harm to channel management." The head of a large area of the chain of channels to the daily economic news said. But for the industry, while the United States and the United States to sell Jingdong to buy cheap news, Suning, the official said, is now unlikely to scale the situation.

SKYWORTH relevant person in charge also told reporters that the Jingdong from the United States, Suning access to sources of practice has repeatedly rumored in the industry, but in fact unlikely.

for a variety of online and offline channels, home appliance manufacturers have their own multi-level price management system.

, such as Galanz is currently working with Jingdong is still a large dealer contact, Galanz itself has Taobao flagship store and self built B2C official website mall.

According to the Galanz

Electronic Commerce Department Secretary Zhao Zhi introduced, not the price gap between the online direct price and traditional home appliance stores sold too large, usually the traditional channels, Taobao flagship store, Taobao distribution shop and website prices will decline.

TCL also started to build the B2C website this year, reporters from TCL information shows that their own B2C website commodity prices will be lower than the traditional stores, Taobao, Jingdong and the price was essentially flat, and the stage of promotion, but TCL will be in terms of product structure and traditional channels diverge, forming certain differences.

in the channel conflict pushed before SKYWORTH, actually started from the joint dealer with the Jingdong, but in the second half of this year the scale of cooperation from hundreds of thousands of Yuan soared to above ten million yuan, and then by the branch of SKYWORTH around the takeover, in which Beijing and Shanghai branch. A >