Website construction should pay attention to five aspects

on my personal site for many years, promotion, and customer service experience, we can not understand the importance of the majority of the site itself, often ignore the root nature of the site. But at this time, if the service provider selected by the enterprise is not able to, or did not prompt the enterprise to serve, the final business is still difficult to use the website to promote more customer conversion and inquiry.

foreign trade enterprises to establish a foreign salesman fit the reading habits of the Qingdao marketing website optimization, but also for foreign buyers search habits for optimization and promotion, let foreign buyers more easily find your


therefore, the focus of foreign trade marketing sites in the following areas:

a, let the website has the marketing function, is advantageous to the customer transformation and sends the inquiry. The marketing website and the image of the site is complete, two different concepts, the image of a website is the name card of enterprise, is the performance of a company’s image; marketing website complete different, it is the ultimate goal for sale. Thus, a marketing function of the site, is conducive to the transformation of the customer and send inquiry website, is the real needs of foreign trade enterprises!

two, so that the site fit with the company’s habits. Based on the B2B platform and foreign well-known enterprise customer site research, summed up the content of the foreign customers concerned about the design and favorite style, to my experience. With the support of the marketing website, it is easy to increase the content of the products, the enterprise qualification documents, the product technical documents, the customer evaluation and other kinds of content that can enhance the potential customer’s trust. The system in the light of the characteristics of the industry at the same time also considered the dexterity, according to the practice situation to adjust the column content, modify the column title, may choose which columns show in the foreground. Not only that, but also through statistical backing peculiar analysis system, able to control and understand the one-sided promotion condition, on the basis of the status and direction of the whole strategy to further promote, at the same time, temporary effective protection and customer marketing.

three, let the site fit search engine optimization request. The use of search engines included rules, search engine optimization techniques used to rank. From the establishment of the website, important from three aspects to construct the website ranking, including (like appearance), other web content (like the man of knowledge and talent), and is a very important link (like the people in the internal social relationships), this is a very important point.

four, so that you can find people who understand your site. Marketing is the premise of trust your company, trust your products, and foreign language "problem by many foreign trade companies, according to the Chinese content based on past literal translation is not suitable for foreigners think, foreign salesman cannot read what you said, do not know why you say so. At the same time, each country has his own language, not all foreigners understand English, as each country also have their own local popular search engines (such as Baidu, Chinese) to make to use each of them to open up the domestic enterprises.