Taobao set brand inconsistent penalty provisions of the maximum deduction of 12 points

news December 8th, the day before, Taobao brand in order to mislead the phenomenon of better management market, the "Taobao" brand rules "inconsistent" to do a more detailed description, and the new "brand identification and punishment inconsistent rules and regulations". The new regulations will come into effect on December 13, 2016.

According to

billion state power network to understand, brand is not consistent, the title refers to attributes, description of goods or pictures of the brand, are inconsistent, the situation does not match, including but not limited to brand attribute selection error or title appears not registered brand etc..

brand to A as an example, assume that the correct brand attribute "A English / Chinese, businesses do not choose the brand property at the time of release of goods, or choose the brand property to other/, or other" brand attributes are edited into "A", "A" brand, which belongs to the genuine "inconsistent".


on the other hand, if the commodity title, description of goods or property, the main figure, pointing to a registered brand "A" and more than one not yet registered brand "B", or to more than two and not yet registered brand, also belong to "brand is not consistent".

needle on this, Taobao added penalties related provisions. If the seller of goods brand description and buyers receive the goods brand is not the same, the same goods, the first shelf deduction of 3 points, second times removed deducted 6 points; sellers on the commodity brand description and buyers receive the goods brand inconsistent if the circumstances are serious, Taobao does not match the description of the goods removed, deducted 12 points each.

the serious circumstances including but not limited to the seller by a large number of buyers complain commodity brand description does not match the seller; repeated brand description does not match the seller; because of the commodity brand does not match the description resulting in serious consequences etc..


, according to Taobao, said the same commodity brand information description, in all aspects of the commodity page should be consistent and match each other. When the link between the brand does not match or a contradiction, easy to confuse buyers, do not know where the description of the brand as the standard, but also may bring unnecessary misunderstandings and disputes for businesses.

user comments: "some (business) in order to improve the search probability, will introduce some inconsistent with the actual brand in the title, such as ordinary sports shoes, a" non suffix Nike Adidas "and so on, Taobao this treatment is to avoid invalid search results too high probability."

and Tmall business Beiyue said that the rules of the Tmall business is not much affected, Tmall will have selected merchants settled in brand, so the brand is unable to modify the attributes of system generation.