Depending on its network network won the 72 million flowers film director and President of investmen

NetEase Francisco May 16th message, depending on its liquor business network network announced a strategic investment by the flowers film director Zheng Xiaolong, dun Yong two people 72 million yuan. It is understood that last year produced the flowers television network network for "Mi month biography" derivatives "Mi wine", allegedly in three months was 100 thousand, 20 million sets of sales. "And" Mi months pass producer Nathan Yong, director is Zheng Xiaolong. In addition, Zheng Xiaolong will have the network network into the "wine Star Plan" to create "Zheng Xiaolong custom wine"; as wine lovers, Zheng Xiaolong will also participate in the network network launched the "Chateau crowdfunding" project.


music as its network network won the flowers film director and President of 72 million investment

In addition,

, produced by the flowers film directed by Zheng Xiaolong "Beijing and New York" will cooperate with the customer network network depth. Data shows, music as its flowers film is a film and television production company, including its Toupai TV drama "as well as the flowers", "golden", "The Legend of Zhen Huan", "new stories", "the editorial department Mi month biography" etc.. Network network was established in 2011, 2013 officially launched operations in January 2016, received 200 million yuan A round of financing. (false knife)