About 99buy mall promotion program

did not come to admin for a long time ~ ~ first wish admin better and better! Ha ha! Anyway, now is my heart NO.1

back to business, the company intends to run a mall, let me write a simple plan! The first time to participate in the communication of 99buy store operations, anyway, the first time to write, is not afraid of a joke! If there is a negative some directions, then I will be very grateful! System is not to say ECSHOP


1 content filling (daily 10 information).

2 promotion includes the promotion of the community and the promotion of community.

community promotion is mainly rely on the company’s own 3, 8341 and 5351 9orange forum set up a special version of mall area, paste or advertising. (this is mainly XX) (


community promotion depends on the classification of information, blog, forum, dig, industry portal and other publicity (50 per day)

3 increase site user experience. (20 users a day for product reviews and answers), so that the user’s trust products on the site.

4 web interface 2 (beautification modify the process a little cumbersome, the needs of artists together).

5 online marketing product design (the latter gradually follow up).

is expected to target: in mid June Shanghai IP reached 200 up and down (the latter remained stable and increased)

You said I have the feasibility of

99buy www.99buy.net mall? I hope you will give me some advice!