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I in Taobao online shop from the beginning of October 20, 2007, it has almost a year, then of course, I also just fun mentality, just to get a store, because I was engaged in the network, with the network naturally inseparable, solid I have many domain names, so I put the registered under the domain name hanging in the Taobao store, she has not, until now I still did not sell a domain name, but I think this does not affect me to set up shop in Taobao’s enthusiasm, also saw a lot of Amoy friends, business is really very good, look at Taobao also, look naturally open, I called the name of my dreams, a poem in a dream once by Fang ", the name for the dream, because there are many hours of dreams, it has not achieved a A, I am ashamed to say, but personally, take a good name, really important, first of all must be with you to sell goods to a certain extent, so for your customers, have left a deep impression to customers to buy again next time, if we think about the customer the shop, I think this is what we want, but this is not enough, now Taobao’s tens of thousands of shops, if you let customers remember Taobao to your store address, I think that is very difficult, so long address, no one wants to remember a few, or remember so, when we in the end there is no way for customers to access the store, do not have so much trouble? Some of my most probably it did not actually happen we can from the domain name registration, registration agencies at an easy to remember domain name, the domain name to me The shop is good, but also a year tens of dollars, it not only let us shop to the customer purchase in the next convenient, I think, more important is that we have a real asset, why would I say so? You think, if one day, when you business bigger and bigger, do you think in taobao.com has been unable to meet the services provided by Taobao, you want to get a website at this time, at this time, the domain name of your importance as can be imagined, because the previous customer is to buy through Taobao, if you had the customer is through our own domain access shop when the shop in the future regardless of where you our customers never lost, you can think of.

after a period of reorganization, determined at the time of the name "Dreams" to "Nefertiti", Nefertiti, there should be a lot of friends know, the ancient Egyptian queen, Jimei. Right in one, ha ha, naturally I do not have to say.

finally, I suggest Amoy friends, or to their own shops to choose a good domain name, it is really important to us.

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