Can not find their own market, continue to suffer!

10 years ago, although the Internet is not very developed, but everywhere is full of opportunities, as long as careful excavation and insist on it, casually to dig out a blue ocean market.

reality is cruel, now almost every row in the Red Sea market, product homogeneity serious, is the basic operation in the capital, the rich, the strength of the crazy money market, no money and no power only struggling to support, neither dead nor alive is very painful.

now the business is just in this situation, I am doing Taobao, Taobao on this kind of situation is very serious.

and in such a red sea market, we are still struggling to find suitable for our market to do.

in the face of China’s 1 billion of the population, any of the small market is enough people to support an industry. So now is the time to tap the blue ocean market that hasn’t been developed yet.

you may ask, now that the economy is so bad, can you find the right market?

I just want to say, you do not go, how to determine it?

large companies basically take the route of the scale, the rapid use of capital to occupy the market. Like our small businesses do not go to the fun, we will find a small competition, large demand, large companies do not care about the small market to operate.

so how to find such a market?

1 learn to use data tools

2 fragmented red sea market

3 where there is a market

4 from the trend to find the market

OK, we start with 4 points:

first, learn to use data tools

in the Internet age, we need to analyze the competitive market situation analysis society movement, to do good work, we must first of its profits, it is true.

first recommended Baidu index

Baidu index is good to quickly determine the general situation of a market demand, the explosion in recent years, recently the search, what are the people in the search, but also pay attention to what things, ages in what extent, search and mobile terminal PC, and the search area the situation.

with these data, you can quickly help us judge general situation of a market, and then go to the major search engines search the market competitive situation, basic can determine a market whether or not to do.

a general judgment whether the market can do, with Baidu index, the daily search volume in at least 500 or so, and then on to the search engine to check whether there is a strong competitor, they analysis what is the time to start the operation of this market.