David Williams III They cant buy a beer or rent a

first_imgDavid Williams IIIThey can’t buy a beer or rent a car and most aren’t even old enough to vote, yet the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have spearheaded what could become one of the largest marches in history in Washington D.C.It’s all for an event called “The March for Our Lives,” which was organized by teens from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to honor the 17 students and faculty members who were killed on their campus and push government officials for solutions. Almost one million people are expected to attend the march.“There was a school shooting in MD and it’s terrible of course but he only had a handgun and he didn’t nearly enough damage so it’s just to get the really big guns like the AR-15, passing gun control laws have worked in other countries so why not here,” said Nicole Serwinowski, a student at the University of Alabama and Stoneman Douglas alumni.Today, a few UA students made the decision to head  to D.C. to participate in the march, which occurs March 24. For Serwinowski, the march with her community will be an emotional and powerful reunion.“I think it’s just going to be a very moving time, just because it’s my whole community doing something absolutely extraordinary,” said Serwinowski. “It’s a community that you don’t think would be on national spotlight. So it’s just going to be very moving. It’s going to be exciting but also it’s going to bring back a lot of memories of what had happened, so it’ll be very powerful.”There is a march in Birmingham on March 24 that will take place at the Railroad Park. The march begins at 2 p.m. and is one of seven marches scheduled on that day in Alabama.last_img