The importance of the title of WeChat operations

write a title, is a most basic operators, good title means can stimulate interest in reading the user clicks. At the same time to write a title, also means that you want to express this article is what kind of content.

the title of our article is divided into long title and short title, this is mainly for our fans to set, some fans like the title of the content, and some like the title of the content. Maybe the content of your article is very good, but because the title is too short, resulting in a very small amount of reading.

so what do we need to do to get our fans to read when we write a title? We should follow three principles:

first: clear expression

The expression of

is clear, this is mainly that we need to generalize this title we write what content is the main content, the need to express clearly, so fans can only choose love is not their own content, so if they love it, then click directly into the watch. If they don’t like it, you can skip it. That’s why we don’t have a lot of content to read, because you don’t have a good guide to reading your content at the first glance, so how can you read and share it?


like I made is about prostitution, I watch the video about the content is trick prostitute in rural women, their basic is sixty or seventy years old, the price of 25, once every 6 minutes. So for this article, we may each have their own different views, so write out the title of different. So I am based on this is the frequency of the description, probably know the contents of the expression. I acutely, this video was triggered by the grass root you heart, 25 dollars a, which is so cheap, buy a pack of cigarettes and money. But what makes me curious is that every six minutes, it’s a little more than we can imagine. Then we do the title is "every 6 minutes, the average age of clients over the age of 65, rural discovered prostitution nest".

second: try to figure out what

fans loveTry to figure out what type of

fans love the article, this is we need long-term data analysis to the analysis of the amount of reading is the most simple and the amount of content we share. The Wimbledon is the most important of our analysis, if your article did not analyze it, so is all for our fans, unable to reach the purpose of spreading growth fans then this is what meaning, not for us.

this is still need to talk about our title, we need to pay attention to the title of the time is what our fans belong to what kind of group, and what kind of content. This is the data we can analyze from the background. When we analyze the mainly analysis fan area, the amount of reading each article.