Shanda CEO Zhang Xiangdong to open because of its performance is not up to expectations

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announced this afternoon, to terminate the labor relationship with Shanda, Shanda dismissed its board of directors.

Zhang Xiangdong (micro-blog) has led the production and operation of a number of large-scale online games, is the legend and legend of the world, one of the core managers

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on October 28th

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technology Tencent Shanda CEO exclusive Zhang Xiangdong resigned after Shanda released this afternoon and the appointment of personnel changes, Zhang Xiangdong said as a grand game CEO and member of the board of directors, there are significant differences in its operation and development concept and board of directors, management and execution strategy can not get the board approval, the performance is not expected to reach.

Shanda announced officially replacing Zhang Xiangdong of grand game CEO post, to terminate the labor relationship with Shanda, Shanda dismissed its board of directors. Zhang Yingfeng was formally appointed as a grand game agent CEO, adding to the grand game director for Zhang Yingfeng.

Zhang Yingfeng joined Shanda in 2001. Responsible for the legal and intellectual property department, responsible for the selection, introduction, negotiation, and copyright licensing, management and protection of all games based on legends, including legends, including franchise.

game after the spin off, Zhang Yingfeng served as group legal director and grand capital partners, group vice president and other staff, on behalf of the group guidance and participate in including the grand game, games, games and other athletic winger gallant under the daily operation and management of enterprises.

Zhang Yingfeng also has many years of experience in all capital projects, including Shanda, Shanda IPO Spin Off, Shanda privatization project and winger, holdfast game to sell A shares of listed companies capital projects.

it is understood that the deposed Zhang Xiangdong in August 2012 to replace Tan Qunzhao as the CEO, previously served as chief operating officer of Shanda games limited, at the same time as the chief producer of Shanda games limited, had previously served as vice president of Shanda group, director positions.

Operation of production,

Zhang Xiangdong has led to a number of large-scale online games, is one of the "hot blooded legend" and "Legends of the world" core management, and Tan Qunzhao, Linghai belong to the core of the grand game of early veteran employees.