Biography CNNC and then the new regulations all CN domain name must be in the name of the company

January 7th news, according to some of the Registrar said, CNNIC will be extended to the domain name to the old domain name registration before the end of the year of December 14, 2009, requiring all CN domain name should be in the name of the company.

according to the rumors, in accordance with the new regulations, all before December 14, 2009 successfully registered domain name also need to submit the written identity registration documents, including the application form, the official seal of the domain name registration business license or a copy of organization code certificate (copy), registered contact identity information.

it is understood that some of the domain name registrar has begun to action, requiring the user before January 20, 2010, all the domain name registration information to modify the real information, and must be in the name of the enterprise or company.

, however, CNNIC said they did not issue a notice, as long as the user to ensure that the domain name information is true, and there is no bad application, CNNIC will protect the interests of domain name holders.