2017 Wrap-Up | Military Caregiving Blog Series

first_imgThis MFLN-Military Caregiving concentration blog post was published on December 15, 2017. This year we put together some innovative and exciting series to help you learn more about Adverse Childhood Experiences, the importance of Self-Care and to give you an inside look at being a Dual Caregiver.Here is a little more information about each of our 2017 series!Nikki Stephens is the “Dual Caregiver.”This year, Nikki contributed to the, ‘Confessions of a Caregiver’ series. She is a dual caregiver to her husband, Marine Corps Veteran, John, and her son who has special healthcare needs. Nikki shares her caregiving journey as she cares for her husband who has sustained multiple injuries due to his time in the service and their five children, including their son who has been diagnosed with autism.Blog Post #1: Juggling Caring for Wounded Warrior & Child with Special NeedsBlog Post #2: Grief and Loss Blog Post #3: Don’t Forget to Love Your Life  Adverse Childhood ExperiencesAdverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are traumatic experiences that happen during childhood, that then have a potential to affect the physical and mental health of adults.  In order to provide services that have a long-term positive effect, it is necessary for service providers to understand and thereby minimize the negative impacts of ACEs.Part 1| Define and Identify Adverse Childhood Experiences and Examine their Impact on Children and AdultsPart 2| Tips for Recognizing Behaviors that are Linked to ACEsPart 3| Techniques to Minimize the Impact of ACEsSelf-Care| Breathing Techniques center_img Alicia Cassels shares her Secrets of Self-CareThe Secrets of Self-Care series features research-based strategies to inspire wellness among busy caregivers and helping professionals.  Each installment highlights practices that have the potential to improve physical, mental and emotional functioning, while requiring little time and no money.  Videos, tips and additional resources make trying and sharing these self-care strategies easy.Secrets of Self-Care | Mindfulness MeditationSecrets of Self-Care | Importance of SleepSecrets of Self-Care | HydrationIs Hydration One of Your Daily Priorities?DehydrationAre You Well Hydrated?last_img