QQ public number open registration and WeChat grab business…… And then stopped

competition in the future and WeChat public number is inevitable

QQ, the public suddenly open registration in July 4th. But if you are today to enter the http://s.mp.qq.com/ site, mostly blank page. Registration was stopped. Tencent may not have thought of their own good.


QQ public number registration page

but in fact, six months ago, QQ has a public number, this is only open registration.

November 2014 QQ launched the first mobile phone service number: YTO Yuantong express. This is a prelude. QQ public voice with the basic function of the experience of the trigger, than the WeChat public number of the menu and keywords reply, to come fresh fun. At that time, Tencent Global Partner Conference, Yin Yu, vice president of Tencent has revealed that the life of the phone QQ service number will be fully open registration in late 2014 or early 2015.

after the QQ public no news. In July of this year, QQ public system has been implemented part of the module function. Colleges and universities to apply for the public number QQ, in addition to the news release, the students can borrow books, query results, the campus card recharge, and the teacher can do some travel query.


life service number Yuantong express

registered the day before the Tencent has just released a smart campus project. This is nothing to do with WeChat. 5 University and Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, East China Normal, Tongji cooperation, the Tencent adopted a comprehensive QQ system products, including QQ wallet, public number system, Tencent, Tencent and other cloud classroom.

only opened less than 2 days of public registration QQ, more like a test of the wisdom of the campus. But it is not difficult to see that the future of the public QQ number for younger consumer groups. Similarly, the QQ system in the QQ space in the marketing business for more than 50% of the 90 percent of the user base, entertainment and television as a breakthrough.

in turn, WeChat seems to be inside the Tencent has been defined as a tool for business communication.

in addition, from the registration process, QQ, QQ, QQ mobile phone to the public in the formation of dependence, such as through the audit information only through the mobile phone QQ, QQ application can accept e-mail authentication skip. QQ public effort to think of themselves as a system, rather than to become the number one channel to expand the audience of WeChat public numbers.

whether it is defined from the user groups, or when using bundled phone QQ, QQ public numbers seem to want to avoid competition. But WeChat and go hand in hand, there may be