Personal Adsense operating consignment model difficult to mature


website has a lot of money making patterns, such as making money through advertising, making money through Taobao customers, making money through transactions, and so on. 07 years, I try to do flow station, do washing for 09 years, after the integrated portal, vertical portals and consignment mode, until the local community do until now. What I am talking about today is the mode of individual operation and consignment. I recall the consignment model was doing is very tired, very sad, but no results, not that I did not do their own success, I have personal webmaster do consignment model a veto, here it is: I don’t agree with, why not is to share my personal experience. read more

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My personal views on the sale of connections on the website

Hello, everyone today to bring me a connection on the sale of my personal problems, today, the group asked me if I want to PR5 station connection, encountered this situation is much more. It can be said that all stations and stations will encounter things. Everyone is used to it. But today I’m going to talk about it.

I just want to say that selling connections equals selling web sites.

You expect the

connection can earn much money? The impact on your site is not tiny but adventitious quantity. read more

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Personal webmaster two years of web learning experience

since leaving school, once lost, the pain, but also joy and happiness, because of their continuous growth, constantly in the failure to learn and grow, leaving school classmates and perhaps in the eyes of parents is wrong, but in my opinion it is right, because I don’t care what degree, I care about is the ability, strength, have no qualifications for me really does not matter, or perhaps someone can understand me, but in any case, I will work hard.

since leaving school, I chose to study computer, surprisingly teacher training at a glance I love programming, although when the beginner is graphic design, or the end of the three months after the teacher recommended to an Internet company to go to work, that is to work, rather than that is to learn web programming, the beginning of the site utterly ignorant of the content of the website is, to figure out how to update, why are.Asp,.Php, of course, suffix, domain name and server and is going to make me confused and disoriented, ha ha. read more

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The unfortunate experience of using ixwebhosting space in the United States

, if you want to be an English language station or a Chinese speaking station, don’t go cheap and rent ixwebhosting’s American space. This American space doesn’t work. This is the conclusion I learned today. Now still in the depressed, and now we talk about, after, as a warning.

because of the recent domestic Internet environment is not good, we all say, do English stand do Google Adsense, the unit price is relatively high. So, three months ago, I began to do an English station. Then I started looking for American space. I found some information on the Internet and compared it. At that time, the famous GoDaddy has not yet opened Alipay payment, just ixwebhosting of the United States opened a Alipay payment function, a look at the price is relatively cheap. Advertising is good, too bad, ", advertising done well, there is no ixwebhosting space, ". " unlimited website, unlimited traffic, 3 IP, 2 " three free domain name; the host type, a maximum of 15 independent IP gave. Domain name or free?. That’s really tempting. But in practice, it’s not the case at all. read more

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Witkey publishing tasks to do promotion need to do three aspects

After the rise of

Witkey website with abundant human resources and cheap labor, more and more owners have begun to promote the release of Witkey website in let, let the powerful army of Witkey make promotion for their own website, so that you can achieve good results in a short time and can reduce the cost of promotion website. But Witkey promotion is not a simple task can be released, different methods have different effects. The author thinks, when Witkey releases a task to do promotion, need to do the following three respects. read more

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With 2000 yuan, one head into the nternet

I do not know where to start, today is the first day I really join webmaster do this so I will remember it, 9 in the morning to the factory after get paid to that will not work, concentrate on their own website, wholeheartedly service members, perhaps I don’t know what my tomorrow the results of a fad in the heart, only the cost of 2000 yuan living expenses 2000 yuan from all this, don’t know how long I can support, probably like most webmaster like the success of failure, this is my first real business, no network technology I have no relationship I don’t have enough money I will dry up no matter 3721. Think of a lot of people do not rent a house? A cable to a computer is a studio, from dawn to dusk site updates to their own propaganda, confident enough to believe their own will, don’t try you forever do not know themselves how great. read more

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5 points to ignore the online shop secret

Why should

visitors to your website? Sure is to get what they want, they can be of useful knowledge, can make them happy to gossip, or look at the beautiful guy meet the beauty of each individual bloggers should pay attention to those at your website to they provide these.

blog should be targeted, now to build a blog, or even free shop, rent a space can be, it is not your full network scattered on it? You don’t think the search engine will ignore you? Do not treat you as B strange! The two distribution is often said the one is a shop has to do so, the other one is the full flowering, blooming everywhere, I tend to go on a blog, the depth of the line read more

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Did the garbage station really come to an end

people always think webmaster is a dazzling occupation, a day only sitting beside the computer, a month is hammering thousands of pieces, but everyone knows there are too many helpless! Today in the whole work, one of my old friends sent a message to me, I ask the network station no record, because my website all in the server, not because of what the web site, and the main reason is I have two years of thousands of record of a domain name, try to modify the information, add some domain name does not add! Speechless put it up no longer control over.. read more

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Click on the network, from the heart, click on the network cup, website space dream essay

hits the web and starts with the heart – Admin5 hits the web cup, the web space dream, and asks for

/ blogbus99

began using the click of the Internet company services, is the company’s "virtual host 30 days unconditional refund guarantee" commitment to move. This commitment for the domestic IDC industry once again set new standards of service industry, basically is the personal webmaster to eat a reassurance, can be at ease with the company’s services, equivalent to "try before you buy, use cool to pay". read more

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want to say Chinese hackers need cyber morality

network mixed for many years, although not too much research hacker attack and defense technology, but how much is also known.

today, a portal of Guangdong network ( is black. The home page was replaced with a simple page, and all the data in the server was deleted.

Chinese Internet every day, the site has been hacked to delete things, this is nothing great thing. But when a portal is black, we have to ponder this for money, learned so little trifles technology, even the programming do not understand the child after entering the other server, do all these things and what is read more

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