How Lego became everyones brick supplier of choice

first_imgIt seems like Lego has been enjoying a resurgence in the geek community over recent years. It’s not just a kid’s toy with sets that let you build famous Star Wars ships and architectural masterpieces. Maybe that’s gotten you interested in where those iconic little bricks came from. Well, in celebration of its 80th anniversary, Lego made a 17 minute animated short detailing how the company came to be.Like a lot of companies, Lego started out making a completely different product than the one we know it for. In the early 1900s, Ole Kirk Kristiansen was a down on his luck Danish carpenter. A number of personal setbacks led him to start making wooden toys in 1932, which were moderately successful. Then there was a fire — yeah, the beginning of the Lego story is a little depressing.It wasn’t until 1946 that the basic plastic block we’ve all come to know was first produced. Still, it wouldn’t be until the mid ‘50s that Lego produced the first Lego building systems. This was Lego’s first international success, but the evolution of the block wasn’t done yet.If you have ever built something with Lego, you know how stubbornly some of those bricks can stick together. It was Lego’s innovative tube design on the underside of the blocks that made that possible. Before this change in 1958, the blocks simply relied on gravity to stay in place. Once the brick we all know was born, the company really took off, with Lego eventually building its own airport and themepark.If you have fond memories of Lego, check out the whole video. The beginning is a little bit of a downer, so you’re going to want to get to the ‘happily ever after’ anyway.last_img read more

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