Biodegradable Sneakers You Can Bury In The Garden

first_imgWhat do you do with old sneakers? You can’t really donate them, and tossing them seems like a waste. OAT Shoes is looking to solve that problem with a line of shoes that are completely biodegradable.The shoes aren’t quite commercially available yet, so there’s no details on pricing at this time. But they’re the result of around two years worth of research and, according to the creators, made from 100 percent biodegradable materials. “Bury them in garden, woods or compost and nature will gobble them right up!” the company’s site reads.AdChoices广告The current collection features a number of different sneakers in a range of colors, though unfortunately there are no details about when we can expect the shoes to be available or how much they’ll cost.Via Treehuggerlast_img read more

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