Hasbros Trypticon is a Huge Rad Dinosaur Transformer

first_imgTrypticon is a triple-changer just like Metroplex and FortMax. And, just like Metroplex and FortMax, his non-robot transformations are kind of lame. He becomes a “city” by opening up his limbs and flipping down ramps for the same tenuous city design as the other Titan class Transformers. He also becomes a vague vehicle by flipping out tiny wings and turning his legs into a kind of hovering base. They aren’t bad, just not remotely as fun as the big rad robot dinosaur form. Huge. Rad. Dinosaur.View as: One Page Slides1/61. Trypticon is one huge rad dinosaur Transformer.2. Here’s how he compares with other Titan-Class ‘bots. 3. Trypticon comes with two other Transformers: the Deluxe class Full-Tilt and the Titan Master Necro.4. This toy eats other toys, just like Orson Welles.5. Trypticon’s other forms are okay, but they aren’t huge rad dinosaurs.6. This is not a huge rad dinosaur.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Hasbro’s Unicron SDCC Transformer Toy Almost as Big as Orson WellesWhy ‘Transformers’ Still Resonates, 35 Years Later Let’s talk about Titan-Class Transformers. First there was Metroplex, a big robot dude who became a city/vehicle thing. Then there was Fortress Maximus, a big robot dude who became a city/vehicle thing. Now there’s Trypticon, a big robot dinosaur. He becomes a city/vehicle thing too, but who cares? He’s a big robot dinosaur.We first saw Trypticon earlier this year at ToyFair, and it’s been a long wait since then. Trypticon finally comes out this month, and Hasbro sent us one to review. Hence the video, and my desire to use the words “huge,” “rad,” “robot,” and “dinosaur” as much as possible.AdChoices广告Trypticon is a huge rad robot dinosaur. Specifically, he’s a big robot T-rex Decepticon. The Decepticons saw how sick Metroplex was and decided they wanted their own transforming city, only theirs should be a T-rex.Yes, Grimlock is a T-rex too. But Trypticon is cooler, because he’s bigger. And more purple.Anyway, the Transformer. Titan-Class Trypticon is squatter and slightly shorter than Metroplex and FortMax, but that’s fine because 1. he’s much easier to stand up stably and 2. he’s a huge rad robot dinosaur. Big stompy feet, big tail (which helps stabilize him), tiny little T-rex arms, and shoulder-mounted cannons. And teeth! Also, there’s a laser blaster in his mouth.He doesn’t have a light-up sound gimmick either, but in lieu of that he can eat smaller Transformers. Well, really smaller Transformers. Titan Masters, the tiny Headmasters Transformers Hasbro has been including for the last few years with some larger toys. Titan Masters become the heads of certain other Transformers, and Trypticon can gobble them up. A chute in his throat lets them fall into a containment cell in his chest.Trypticon comes with two other Transformers: the Deluxe class Full-Tilt and the Titan Master Necro. Full-Tilt is a pretty plain, purple car that mounts on Trypticon’s chest, and Necro becomes Full-Tilt’s head or driver. They’re fine, but not very special, especially when compared with FortMax’s Emissary and Cerebro Transformers, which became FortMax’s own head (yes, that’s three layers of nesting Transformers heads).center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

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