Božo Skoko: The dream of every country is to become a brand because it can attract investments and tourists more easily

first_imgIt is up to us to decide which direction we want to go. The conference All Faces of Sport was held at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce yesterday, at which the impact of sport on the economy, tourism and health, and the impact on society as a whole was discussed.  But, as Bagatin emphasized, let us let go of the past and our shortcomings, and turn to a positive future. Only through public-private dialogue can we achieve long-term success. As naive as it sounds from an entrepreneurial perspective and our everyday reality, it is the only right path of development because we cannot do without each other. They talked about sports as a tool for branding and promoting Croatia Vladimir Miholjevic, director of the CRO race, Miho Glavic, President of the Croatian Ski Association, and Dubravko Šimenc, our celebrated water polo player and head of the CNTB’s strategic projects department.  Are we playing a game or not? Jerko Trogrlić, director of the White agency, gave a presentation on sports in Split and emphasized that the facts told through the story are 20 times more memorable. “Split has a special relationship with sports, and as many as a third of Croatian Olympic medals were won by the people of Split. As early as 1929, the city was called the most sporty in the world because at that time, with 38.000 inhabitants, it gave national champions in football, sailing, swimming and rowing. Four world top ten tennis players grew up in Split, practically in the same street in Firule. There is no secret here, there were tennis courts, and it is similar with water polo and basketball. This shows the importance of infrastructure for the talent development that this city abounds in“, Pointed out Trogrlić, depicting this through the flourishing of Split sports after the construction of sports facilities built for the Mediterranean Games. “It was a great incentive to achieve top results, so we need to continue investing in the development of sports. “, concluded Trogrlić. At a panel discussion that focused on the relationship between sports, tourism and health, they discussed Tomislav Madžar, Advisor to the President of the Republic of Croatia, Miljenko Bura, director of the company Medicinska grupa, Mato Bartoluci, professor at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb and Igor Nekić, General Manager of Terme Sv. Martin. One of the events that transmits the beauties of our country live to over a hundred countries is the Cro race bicycle race. “Nearly 400 hours of TV content went from our race to six continents. Cycling is developing well in our country because it is included in the tourism development strategy. Cycling is great for cooperation with hotel houses, so they participate in the development of infrastructure, new bike paths that are thematically related to the culture of the location in which they are located.”, Explained Miholjevic.  Bura pointed out that without the health infrastructure, there is no development of sports tourism, but also adequate care for the local population. “Everything needs to be developed in parallel, we lack systematics in infrastructure planning. “, He said. Bartoluci sees sport as an integrative mechanism of tourism and health. “Today, about a billion people play sports, and another 1,5 billion travel, these are huge numbers and require smart thinking. It is an opportunity for us to use our capacities in tourism and health, and if we connect them with sports, they will be much more efficient than they are today. “, holds Bartoluci.  RELATED NEWS: General Manager of Terme Sv. Martin, Igor Nekić pointed out that the sports hall can also be a congress hall and that all resources should be combined. “We are organizing the first gaming tournament that connects the hotel industry and the gaming industry. We have to use the infrastructure we have in the best possible way, but it is also important to cooperate with the local population, so that the whole community can get the most out of tourism. ” Božo Skoko, a professor at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb, pointed out that it is the dream of every country to become a brand because it can more easily attract investments and tourists. “That’s why all countries invest millions and millions in visibility, but it’s not easy to gain global attention. For us, sports talent is part of our identity, and our successes attract the attention of the world. Research shows that the world public recognizes as many as 130 of our athletes. Sport also has a political role, which we remember well from the XNUMXs. Organizing big sporting events is one of the most important tools in branding a country because here you can tell your story and gain the affection of the world public. Thanks to sports, we are very recognizable, but we must work systematically to further promote the country through sports as a communication channel. “, Skoko concluded.  PETE RADOVICH, CBS CREATIVE DIRECTOR: THE PROMOTION FOOTBALL BRINGS TO CROATIA IS INVALUABLE The focus must be on strategic and market development. On the other hand, we live in the 21st century where information and knowledge are available to everyone in the palm of one hand, all countries are fighting for the growth of their economy, as well as for every tourist. And those who deal with market development and those who put all the pieces of the tourist mosaic together will succeed. Either stagnation i.e. decline or growth and development. That is the question of all questions. DR.SC. BOŽO SKOKO: HOW WILL WE USE THE CROATIAN EU PRESIDENCY AND THE OPPORTUNITIES OF 2020? Ognjen Bagatin from the Bagatin polyclinic, which was just recently declared the best clinic for cosmetic surgery in the world, added from the audience that we already have a lot of developed health tourism. “I would appeal to connect, public and private sector, then those numbers will be five times higher. We are a poor country and we must make the most of what has been done. “, Bagatin stressed, adding that we need to stop discussing shortcomings from the past and focus on the future.  Cover photo: HNS, Source: HGK Šimenc said that Croatia is a sports miracle, so he emphasized the importance of social networks in promoting the country. He mentioned numerous smaller sports events that attract a lot of attention from tourists, from cross races in Istria to the local basketball tournament in Lipik, and said that it is a great treasure of Croatia as a destination. ”The best basketball players in the world come to the 3-on-3 basketball tournament in Lipik, and Lipik received 100.000 kuna from us, so it is a real miracle that the organizers do it with such small funds. People come to our bike and trail races and come back more and more. Only guests of one of them Four Islands, 4 islands each, spend 7000 nights”concluded Šimenc.  In conclusion, we can again say that I have great potential, we have everything served in the palm of our hand, but we simply do not know, ie we obviously do not want to connect all the points into one complete tourist, but also economic, product.last_img read more

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